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Mamodia Marketing Balajee Plaster of Paris (P.O.P)

MOQ : 1000 Bags
Mineral & Metal Marketing offers world class quality gypsum building products supported by uncompromised quality standards. The company is established to promote finest quality Plaster of Paris under the brand name " Balajee Plasters® Plaster of Paris (P.O.P).

Balajee Plasters® Plaster of Paris is a gypsum based plaster which is suitable for application on ceiling, corners, edges, and cemented wall surface. It is manufactured by based in Bikaner, Rajasthan. The raw material, gypsum, is extracted from mines in Bikaner and is formulated into ß hemihydrate Type-A Plaster of Paris.

Balajee Plasters® Singal coat Plaster

Balajee Plasters® Singal Coat Plaster is a pre-mixed single application plaster made from calcium sulphate hemihydrate to which additives are added to improve workability. Balajee Plasters® Singal Coat Plaster is classified as non-combustible and can contribute significantly to the fire resistance of a building. Apart from providing a smooth and high quality finish to internal walls and ceilings, Plaster Of Paris attains early strength, requires no water curing and is free from shrinkage and cracks. The Plaster Of Paris caters to all normal background like bricks, blocks and concrete. It is better than traditional plaster as it eliminates the two processes of sand cement plaster & P.O.P (Plaster of Paris) punning. Ceramic tiles can also be fixed by applying a very firm adhesive to a thoroughly dried plastered surface.

Salient features of Balajee Plasters® Plaster of Paris. are listed below:
  • Direct application on cemented surface or surface to be painted.
  • Calcination process at appropriate temperature leads to shrinkage and crackfree surface.
  • Finely grounded powder covers wider area and requires lesser material.
  • Suitable setting time allows mason enough time for application that reduce wastage of material. Whiteness of plaster allows desired colour of paints on walls as shown in shade cards.
  • Available in 20kg and 25kg semitransparent bags.

Technical Data & Test Results
Physical Characteristics (P.O.P Type - A Short Time Setting)

Tests Test Values Requirements
Setting Time : Plaster Sand Mixture 59 minutes 45-120 minutes
Setting Time : Neat Plaster 28 minutes 20-40 minutes
Transverse Strength 10.60 5 minimum
Residue on 90 micron sieve (% by weight) 2.68 5.0 maximum
Soundness Did not show any sign of disintegration popping or pitting Set plaster pats shall not show any sign of disintegration popping or pitting

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